What is Remote working?

We can work anywhere, like you are working in an office by logging in on any device, using the cloud software .

Working remotely with you

Just like how Receipt Bank changed the usual working process by ceasing the need for client visits for paperwork or sending bulk of receipts and invoices. The clients just need to take the photo of paperwork and send it to you.

The appointments and transactions with the help of email, telephone, Skype and Google Hangout. We can have virtual meetings with client to discuss important matters, such as discussion of requirements. Can both accept instantly.

Even though we do not visit you, can not make a good relationship. We can arrange virtual meeting, support them through phone or they can come to where you are to meet you any time.

By removing the traveling time, we can spend it on more time for meetings or chats. We can also be flexible because you We can work from your home without anyone knowing where you are at.