Ministry of Justice announced on January 25, 2017, that effective immediately, that in the written application for commercial registration,that if the document which is written in foreign language is attached, there is a possibility that a part of translation can be omitted, though the general rule is that the Japanese language translation is needed to be attached.

In case attaching the minutes of the shareholder’s meeting

When the minutes of foreign company’s shareholder’s meeting or the board meeting are attached, a part of translation which is not related to the business office in Japan or registered representative in Japan can be omitted.

In case certificate of registry’s document is attached

If you attached the certificate of registry in a foreign country, you can omit the translation for the part that is not related to the registration of change.

Certificate issued by foreign government

For the certificate, you can omit the translation part that is not related to the certificate of object or the contents of registration. However, you cannot omit the translation if it is related to the issuer of the Certificate.

[Example of certificate]
Certificate of signature
Copy of passport