National tax agency assigns a corporate number to each corporation and publishes the number with the trade name or name and address of head office or principal place of business. This is based on the “Act on the use of numbers to identify specific individual in the administrative procedure”.


The corporate’s number purpose is aligned with the basic principles of the number act.

  1. Improving administrative efficiency
  • To improve the efficiency of management of information on corporations and other organizations and enhance the efficiency of administrative operations.
  1. Enhancing citizen’s convenience
  • To coordinate the exchange of information among administrative organs and reduce the administrative burden on the applicants
  1. Realizing a fair and just society
  • To maintain appropriate relationships between payment and burden in administrative fields like social security and taxation by sharing of information on corporations and other organizations
  1. Creating new value
  • Since the range of the corporate’s number usage has no limitation, the new value creation is predicted through utilization of the corporate number


  • Designation of corporate number

The corporate number is designated to Corporations that is already registered for incorporation under provisions of the companies act, National government organs and Corporations or associations without juridical personality but required to file and pay corporate and consumption taxes

  • Notification of the corporate number

The corporate number is notified by the commissioner of the national tax agency through a document with the corporate number

  • Publication of the corporate number

Basic components and information such as name, business address and corporate number of assigned corporations are made public through the internet.


The national tax agency publishes the following corporate information such as name, business address and corporate number through its web site with the following functions below:

  • Search and browse – the basic 3 information are searchable for the users by using the corporate number, corporate name and address as criteria
  • Download – The entire library of Basic 3 information on corporations is available for downloading in CSV and XML formats.
  • WEB-API – An interface for the basic 3 information to be directly extracted by an enterprise system and the like is made available to the public


The benefits of introducing the corporate number are improvements in efficiency and administration, improvements in impartiality and fairness, reducing the clerical burden on corporations and creating new value. The following becomes possible through the use of the corporate number.

  • A corporation’s name and address can be found from its corporate number
  • Companies become connected by their corporate numbers
  • New services utilizing corporate numbers will be expanded


When each department of a company like general affairs, accounting and sales manages information on business partners using different codes (aggregation by name, address, etc.) there is a great difficulty and inefficiency in aggregating information on business transactions across departments. But once the corporate number is applied, a complete view on business transaction data for each business partner can be achieved. Addition of corporate numbers to management code by each department (aggregation by corporate number) leading to potential operational efficiency improvement.


The corporate number can be implemented to various uses both on government and private sectors, in the private sector, business partners with company codes assigned individually by each company are now assigned a corporate number as a common company code which leads to the following result below.

  • Reduced burden of maintenance of company codes
  • Reduced burden of translating the counterparty’s unique company code to one’s own code
  • Small to mid-size companies are able to adopt e-commerce transactions and promoting the expansion of e-commerce through availability of easy-to-obtain common company codes

National tax agency was registered as an agency which issues organization or company codes based on the international standard and regulations of UN to ensure the uniqueness of the corporate number on a global basis to expedite the following applications.

  • Use of company codes in intercompany transactions (e-commerce)
  • Use of company codes as identifiers in automatic recognition medium, such as RFID tags (IC chips using non-contract technology)

Information on the notification

In this part, the notification of corporate number to be sent by the national tax agency to corporations is defined.

  • Notifications

The commissioner of the national tax agency designates the corporate number to each corporation and notifies the number by the “Notification of Corporate Number”

  • Descriptions in the notification

The descriptions in the notification of corporate number are provided based on the registered information in the possession of the national tax agency

  • Mailing address of recipient
  • Date and year of preparation
  • Corporate number
  • Person who is designated corporate number
  • Date and year of designation
  • Information as displayed on website