Remote working in Japan

What is Remote working? We can work anywhere, like you are working in an office by logging in on any device, using the cloud software . Working remotely with you Just like how Receipt Bank changed the usual working process by ceasing the need for client visits for...
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Taxable period of consumption tax in Japan

For a company in Japan, taxable period of consumption tax is the respective fiscal year and for an individual in Japan it is the calendar year. But upon election, instead of an annual basis, the taxable period may be on a quarterly basis and a monthly taxable period...
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Consumption tax in Japan

Taxable base of consumption tax in Japan For a domestic taxable transaction, the taxable base of consumption tax is the consideration for the transaction. In terms of import taxable transactions, the value or worth of the imported goods for customs duty purposes plus...
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Deductible tax and non-deductible tax in Japan

Deductible tax Corporate tax, prefectural and municipal inhabitant taxes, local corporate tax, interest on delinquent tax, penalty etc. are not deductible in terms of taxation in Japan.   Non-deductible tax On the other hand, business tax and special local corporate...
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Devaluation loss in Japan

Even though there are a write-down of assets or write-down to market value in the case of damage because of disaster or obsolescence of assets such as fixed assets and inventories, we are not allowed to make the loss deductible in terms of taxation in Japan.
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Stock option in Japan

If a company issues stock options in compensation for services will be deductible at the timing when individual income tax is imposed on the income by stock options. If the stock option is non-qualified, the individual income is incurs at the stock option. If the...
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