For International Companies in Japan

Lockhart Accounting Office offers a wide range of accounting and tax services for international companies doing business in Japan.


From 50,000 JPY/month

Monthly reporting package


Payroll Monthly Calculation

8,000 JPY per person/month

Year-End Adjustment

Assistance of Social/Labor Insurance Return

40,000 JPY


Retainer Fee

From 30,000 JPY/month

Corporate Income Tax Return

From 120,000 JPY

Consumption Tax Return

From 60,000 JPY

Tax Administrator

50,000 JPY/year

Other compliance

Visa Application


VAT Refund

Data Entry Outsourcing

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English-Japanese bilingual Filipino enters data from a source file into a destination system.

For Foreigners in Japan

Filing an income tax return in Japan can be quite complicated. Consider using a firm that specializes in preparing tax returns for foreigners.

Individual tax return

Income from real estate

Business income

Salary income

Stock option, RSU

Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting is a product of new technology aiming to streamline accounting process and make financial records accessible anytime, anywhere. In recent years, the presence of cloud accounting software is growing as more businesses realize its value in reducing their business costs and revolutionizing their accounting operations.

Lockhart Accounting Office lauds the use of cloud accounting software because it recognizes the role of these tools in improving business operations and helping your business in Japan save more. Our office has experience to assist you with the use of cloud accounting software. Brands such as Yayoi online, MYOB, Xero, and QuickBooks are some of the most widely-used cloud accounting software which are offered by the Lockhart Accounting Office.